Podiatry Services

Our specialists have decades of experience and will work to get you back on your feet and feeling better.


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We provide care for many of the conditions that would commonly be treated in a podiatrist’s office including:

• Ankle Sprains
• Arch Pain
• Bunions
• Corns & Calluses
• Diabetic Foot Ulcers

• Foot, Ankle & Leg Ulcers
• Ingrown Toenails
• Thick Toenails
• Toenail Fungus


Diabetic Care

The AHP team has decades of experience helping patients with diabetic podiatry needs.  Over time, diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels to your feet which can result in loss of sensation in the feet, poor circulation and poor healing.  Poor foot care in someone with diabetes, especially those who have diabetes with poor circulation or neuropathy, can lead to infection, ulceration, hospitalization and, in severe cases, amputation.  Good foot care is an essential part of diabetes management.


Wound Care

Drs. Todd Mann and Dr. An Tran of the AHP Team provide quality, compassionate care for those with acute, chronic and non-healing ulcers of all types.

Our team are health care professionals who have been trained in the care and treatment of all types of wounds.  Specialists can have a significant impact on the quality of life for those suffering from wounds that will not heal.  Wounds can cause a disruption in everyday life and the sooner these are healed the quicker a patient can resume their normal daily activities without disruption.  In addition to years of experience treating a variety of wounds, a board certified wound specialist is required to attend continuing education courses in wound care as well as pass periodic re-certification testing.  Our team can deliver cutting-edge health care to improve the patient’s wound and thus improve their quality of life.